iPhantom Preconfigured Access Point Instructions

Currently there are two models of preconfigured Wifi Access Points
microUSB Powered TP-Link WR702N
microUSB/Internal Battery Power TP-Link MR3040

Your iPhantom TP-Link Access Point have been presetup with the following setting.

Mode: Access Point
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: admin
Wifi Network SSID and Password: See Sticker on Access Point
DHCP Enabled
DHCP Address to


  1. Connect your Phantom Camera and Access Point with your Phantom Network Cable
  2. Power the Camera
  3. Power the Access Point
    1. WR702N – power the unit via the microUSB port
    2. MR3040 Battery Powered Units
      1. Verify the Mode Selector Switch is in the AP position.
      2. Optionally power via the microUSB port
        1. The full sized USB port will not power the unit
      3. Turn the Power Switch to the ON position
  4. iOS Device
    1. Select the Access Points Wifi Network in your iOS Wifi Settings
      1. Ie: iphantom2001
    2. Enter Wifi Password
  5. Launch iPhantom
    1. From the Record Screen hit the “Detect IP” Button
      1. Your Phantom Camera should automatically be found
        1. Hit “Connect” When Prompted


  1. My Camera Is Not Found When I hit “Detect IP”
    1. Be sure the Camera is powered and fully booted
    2. Recheck the cable connection between the camera and access point
    3. Recheck you’re iOS Device is on the correct Wifi Network
    4. contact support