HOWTO: iPhantom Wired Ethernet Connection

iPhantom Wired Ethernet Connection
You can use iPhantom via a Wired Ethernet Connection for a longer range or more robust connection
To do so you will need (See Part 2 for VEO4K)

A) iOS Device with iPhatom 2.0+
B) iOS Device must be on iOS 10.x+
C) Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
D) a Lightning charging cable
E) Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter (or potentially one of the USB 3.0 USB Adapters listed below in “PART II  VEO4K” )

1) Connect the “lightning to usb3 camera adatper” to your iOS device
2) Connect both the usb-ethernet adapter and a lightning charger to the lightning to usb3 camera adatper
3) Disable WIFI, make sure is is “OFF” not just “Disconnected”
4) Set a static IP in the iOS Network settings of the USB Ethernet Adapter to Manual:
iOS 8 to iOS 10:
 ip address:
leave router blank
iOS 11+
 ip address:
4b) If you cant save with the router blank.  Set the adapter to automatic.  Save and then come back into the settings and select Manual.  back to step 4.
4) Connect the Phantom Camera and iOS device together via an ethernet cable
5) (iOS 8 to iOS 10) Use “Detect IP” or “Connect” in iPhantom to connect as you would if you were connect via wifi
5b) (iOS 11 & 12) Detect IP does not work in iOS 11 or 12.  In iPhantom enter the IP Address of your Phantom Manually under  Menu->Camera->Camera IP.  Now you can use the connect button there or on the record page.

Enjoy a rock solid wired ethernet connection!


VEO4K needs a gigabit ethernet adapter or faster to connect. Currently Apple does not sell one, and the above mention Apple adapter will not work. At this point we have not been able to internally test but have heard of people having success with a few of the available USB3 to Gigabit Adapters.
This SIIG USB 3.0 Gigabit adapter is reported to work.
This Anker USB 3.0 Gigabit Adapter is also reported to work.