iPhantom 2.2 Released September 26th 2019

What’s new:
iOS 13 compatibility updates
Change FPS, Shutter, WB from Record Page
Added 3D-SDI formats for VEO4K and Flex4K
Added access for additional camera settings on Menu Page
Dual Frame Rate Mode (Quickly Toggle Between Two Saved Frame Rates)
Low Light Mode (Quickly open exposure for framing)
Video Zoom on SDI (Pixel for Pixel 1:1 zoom and other modes depending on camera model)
Custom Speed Slow and Fast Playback Modes
Auto Reconnect to Camera
Improved Playback Timeline Scrubbing

Wireless iOS control of Vision Research high speed Phantom cameras
from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Now also supports wired connection. See this page

Support for ALL Phantom Cameras with features including trigger, playback, save to cineMag, save to cineFlash, partition, adjust fps, shutter angle, gain, and more.

The growing list of tested and verified compatible Cameras*:

  • Flex4K
  • VEO4K
  • VEO
  • v2512
  • v2511
  • Flex2K
  • Miro
  • v642
  • v10
 * Camera’s on old firmware may not support all features.  Full compatibility may require your camera to be on it’s latest firmware available.