iPhantom GL-AR750S-Ext Setup

The latest version of these instructions can be found here:


Confirm your router is on firmware version 3.104 or later.

Download this setup file:


Unzip the file it will extract a folder containing these setup instructions in a pdf file and a .tar.gz file that is the setup file.

Open your router admin page in a web browser, the default ip for the Slate is

Setup a password.

Confirm your firmware version is 3.104 or later. Otherwise visit
to obtain the v 3.104 firmware version and upgrade your router before continuing.

Use the “Local Upgrade” Tab only to update the firmware to version 3.104 or later, if necessary, using the firmware file downloaded from the gl-inet.com in the previous step. DO NOT attempt to apply the iPhantom settings here.

At the bottom of the page, on the left hit the “Advanced” Button.

Log in using the password you created above.

On the System Menu, select “Backup / Flash Firmware”

Below Restore, hit “Choose File” next to “Restore Backup” and select the preconfigured setup file you downloaded in step #1.
Then hit “Upload archive” button.

Your router will update settings and reboot.
The new settings for your router:
Router Mode: Router
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP Enabled
All Ports Are set to LAN
ssid 2G: iPhantom-Slate-2g
ssid 5G: iPhantom-Slate-5g
wifi password: goodlife