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iPhantom Manual
 Link to this document - http://www.iphantomapp.com/iphantom-manual

Quick Start:
Purchasing the App:
 Purchase the full functionality of the App via In App purchase on the Purchase Tab.

Prior to purchasing the full app the following features are available for evaluation.
 1) Connection to Camera
 2) BREF
 3) OSD toggle
 4) When switching to the Play tab, if there is a Cine in Ram it will begin playback.
 5) Menu->Camera for manual input of IP address for any limited instances when auto detect is not supported by your camera.

What you need:
 1) Phantom Camera
 2) Phantom Camera Ethernet Cable
 3) Wifi Router or Wifi Access Point
 4) iOS device with iOS 8 or greater
  - iPad will run in compatibility mode

Preconfigured routers, cables, and power kits are available at
Setup Summary
 1) Setup your Router
 2) Install iPhantom on your iOS Device
 3) Connect Router to Phantom Camera via the Phantom’s Original Network Cable or an iPhantom Custom Cable
 4) Connect your iOS Device to the Wifi Network of your router as you would any other Wifi Network
 5) Launch iPhantom and use the Detect Button on the Record Tab to auto detect your camera
 6) Enjoy

Setup your Router 
Recommended Setting:
 Router IP Address 
 DHCP Range

Additional Documentation, Plug and Plug Play Router Kits, and Custom Cables available at

Using the App 
The app is designed to closely resemble the look and feel of a Flex4K side panel. It extends this power to all phantom cameras.
 IMPORTANT: Please READ the Button List for additional functionality on each page, as well as the "IMPORTANT MENU ITEM NOTE" on Menu Tab Entry Below!

Record Tab 
Functions: Roll, Trigger, Black Reference, On Screen Display Toggle, Connect, Detect IP
 Displays various camera settings including the current Shutter Angle,FPS,WB,Gain,EI,Resolution, Record Mode, DC and Battery Voltage(PH16 cameras only), frames and seconds count of current buffer, Gigabyte Count and Takes on the Mag.

 Buttons: function works as they would on a Phantom Camera
   Trigger: Press and Hold the button for Roll/Clear Buffer. Tap for Trigger or Stop (Loop and Run/Stop Mode)
   BREF (HOLD) - Black Reference
   OSD - Cycles through the four On Screen Display Options
   OSD (HOLD) - Low Light/Framing Mode (Saves current FPS/Shutter Angle, puts camera at 23.976fps 360degrees and enables Auto Exposure)
   TOOLS - Same functionality as TOOLS button on your camera. Zoom/Zoom 2/Threshold
   TOOLS (HOLD) - EF Lens Control (COMING SOON)
   Connect - Attempts to Connect to the phantom camera at the currently stored IP Address
   Detect IP - Search the Network for Phantom Cameras. Prompts you to choose to connect or continue searching for the next camera on the network.

 Other Features:
   Sensor Temp - Display Sensor Temp and Sensor Temp during last BREF
               - Red Color if last BREF was more than 1 degrees from current sensor temp
               - Green if last BREF temp was within one degree of current sensor temp
  FPS - Turns Red Color if last BREF was more than 1 degree from current sensor temp
  Set Shutter/FPS/White Balance by tapping them.

Play Tab 
Functions: Advanced playback control with High Speed Shuttle, jump to timeline point, save to cinemag/cineflash, mark in/out, Play/Live Mode Toggle, OSD Toggle
 Displays various Camera and Currently Playing Cine Settings

 LIVE - Camera to LIVE View
 PLAY - Camera to Playback View
 OSD - Cycles through the four On Screen Display Options
 SAVE - Saves the current RAM to Cinemag/CF/CFast Card
 Mark In - Marks In Point
 Mark In (HOLD) - Clears In Point
 Mark Out - Marks Out Point
 Mark Out (HOLD) - Clears Out Point
 Cine - Select Cine to Play
 Cine (HOLD) - Plays last clip on Mag
 PLAYBACK REPEAT/PLAYBACK ONCE - Toggles those options
 JOG X8 - Jog Multiplier for faster scrubbing. Default is 8
 TIMELINE - Tap or Slide on the time line to scrub through payback of current clip
 SKIP BACK - Jump to Beginning of clip
 SKIP BACK (HOLD) - Play previous clip (Mag or Ram)
 REWIND - Tap to decrease playback speed or begin reverse playback
 REWIND (While Paused) - 1 Frame Back
 PLAY/PAUSE - Play/Pause
 FORWARD - Tap to increase playback speed 
 FORWARD (While Paused) - 1 Frame Forward
 Skip Forward - Jump to end of Clip
 Skip Forward (HOLD) - Play next clip (Mag or Ram)
 Play Speed Slider - Slide forward/back to increase decrease play speed

Menu Tab 
Functions: Adjust camera settings including FPS, Shuttle Angle, EI, Gain, White Balance, Log Mode(If supported), Loop/Runstop Toggle, Trigger Position, Partitions, Cinemag/CineFlash Erase, Production Area, and more...
 Special Functions: 
 EF Lens Focus/Iris Control
 Production Area via Aspect Ratio
   Enter an aspect ration with the format x:y ie: 16:9 2.39:1 etc,
   and iPhantom will calculate the aspect ration values.
 Set Camera Time On Connect
    Automatically sets camera time to local and current iOS
    device time upon a connection
 Continuous Mode - Enables Both Auto Save and Auto Clear Ram
 1) Tap on a Setting Name (Left Side of the Row) and a picker will be displayed with the most common values of that setting to select from.
 2) Tap on the Setting Value (Right Side of Row) and you will get a direct entry box to enter whatever value you desire for the setting.

Additional Documentation, Video Tutorials, Plug and Plug Play Router Kits, 18” Phantom Ethernet Cables and more available at